Mad Professor Electric Blue Chorus


Deze chorus-stompbox kun je dankzij de blend-potmeter helemaal afstellen naar je favoriete verhoudingen. Hij wordt ook wel het chorus pedaal voor niet-chorus liefhebbers genoemd. Van extreme modulatie-geluiden tot een subtiele chorus, hij heeft het allemaal.

Benieuwd naar de sound? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCBRjoBAmXM

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We wanted to design a chorus pedal, that would please ALSO people, who do not generally like chorus pedals.

With the EBC “Blend” knob you can adjust the mix of these two and get tones from mild to wild. The Electric Blue Chorus (EBC) uses a sine wave generator for a more pleasing and gentle “liquid wave” sound. It also has a very musical modulation with even stronger chorus settings and tones that lean toward vibrato that sets it apart from most other chorus pedals.

With the “Depth” and “Blend” knobs one can also adjust in a very mild, barely audible chorus that adds some dimension and depth to your tone.The EBC is also very quiet and transparent with very little filtering. Traditionally chorus pedals have had a treble loss, noise, or a metallic tone, especially when used with distortion.

The EBC was designed to be used with both clean and distorted tones and works equally well both in front of or after a distortion pedal.

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