Kauffmann ’59 SC features

The single cut has a long history. And it is hard to beat the vibe of those early Gibson Les Paul’s. And that is where we take our inspiration from. Of course we cover all the basics, like a mahogany body with a maple top, glued in mahogany neck and two PAF type humbuckers. 

Our SC-models all have that well played worn in feeling. It’s like putting on a pair of old faded jeans. Nowhere on a guitar is that feeling more distinct than on its neck. So we carefully roll the edges of the fingerboard, we take the finish of the back of the neck and we make sure the fretwork is right on the mark.

We build the single cut with two distinctive neck profiles. We have a ’59 profile that is a full C. It is chuncky but it is not a baseball bat size neck. It is very much a neck that will suit most players. For players that like a slim taper neck we have the ’60 profile.

Our finishes and aging proces give the guitar it’s distinct look. We use either period correct vintage colors or Dupont car color’s of the 60’s. And every once in a while we come with something new. Like our Black Sparkele for example.  We determine the level of aging while building the guitar. And we make sure that the aging is realistic and balanced. So we match the aging of the hardware with the aging of the body. Details matter.

On board you will find Sheptone Tribute pickups. They give that distinct vintage PAF sound with lot’s of transparency. We use CTS pots, vintage wire and we put in a treble bleed.  On some models we will use Sheptone P-90 Soapbar pickups.



’59 SCSpecs
BodySouth American Mahogany with a Maple cap
FinishNitro cellulose lacquer
NeckMahogany long tenon
Neck profile’59 chuncky C – ’60 slim taper
FingerboardRosewood with trapezium pearloid inlays
Fingerboard radius12″ 
HeadstockKauffmann decal
NutTusq (width 41,5 mm)
TunersVintage Gotoh
PickupsSheptone Tribute PAF
Pickup selectorSwitchcraft 3 way switch
Controls2 Volume, 2 Tone,
AgingLight to medium
Strings0.10 – 0.46
Travels inDeluxe gigbag or hardcase
Price €  2.395,-


Aging levels

We do three aging levels. Lightly aged with just a bit of crackle. Moderate aging, crackle and some play wear. Severe aging, crackle and extreme  play wear.

Worn in smooth neck

We apply a very thin finish on all of our single cut necks to give you that well worn in smooth feeling.

Variety of ultra thin Bursts

We do thin nitro bursts in many varieties. From the rich Cherry Burst to the yellow greenish Lemmon Burst and anything in between. 

Vintage PAF

We use Sheptone Tribute PAF pickups on most of our single cuts. They are vintage low output and give a transparant yet creamy tone.

Aging hardware

We match the aging of the hardware with that of the body. Very realistic look and feel in all details.


We use CTS pots, vintage wire and a treble bleed on all our guitars. . 

Daktoa Red

Butterscotch Black Guard

Shoreline Gold

Shoreline Gold

Shoreline Gold

Shoreline Gold