Super 6

The 6L6 inspired amp that brings you right to that sweet spot we all crave. That point where your clean sound is fully saturated and the amp is on the verge of breaking up. But you are holding it back. That point where your fingers or pick make all the dynamic difference.  And you decide whether the amp sings or howls.

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The new Kauffmann Super 6 guitar amp is born out of the desire to have a big and warm sounding amp that would be very responsive to your playing style. And one that can played at an acceptable volume level. With this amp it is more about sustain than about gain. So you have more control. And that brought us to the idea of a post gain boost.

the big sounding amp that listens  

Main features

Beneath the elegant design lay five main features that define this amp.

Post Gain boost

Easily the most defining feature of this amp is the post gain boost. This controllable boost drives the power amp section. And that gives a very different kind of saturation than a normal boost would give as that drives the pre-amp section. It gives you a more grittier thicker drive. It like playing a full sized amp with the volume at 8 or 9. But without ripping your face off.

Pre Gain boost

For those players that are looking for a more tradtional driven sound  the Super 6 has a pre gain boost as well. this drives the pre amp section. And it gives that familiar brighter bite to your sound. Although the Super 6 is in no way a hi gain amp, you will find that it has plenty of drive to make you leadtone sing or howl.

sweet spot control

On the control panel you will also find a master volume. And together with the pre gain and post gain boosts you are able to find that sweet spot on the amp. Of course your . choice of guitar and pickups matter. but you will find  that the Super 6 has a sweet spot for both single coil as for humbucker users. And because of it’s responsiveness you are able to overdrive the amp with just your volume knob or your playing style.

pedal platform

The Super 6 is a formidable pedal platform. Add the possibilities of your favourite drive pedal to the post and pre gain boosts options and an endless array of overdriven sound are in front of you. We sacrificed the effects loop for a better overall tone quality. But if you go easy on the pre gain boost and rely somewhat more on your overdrive pedal you will find that running a delay in front of your amp works very well.

LUSh reverb

A medium sized spring reverb is build in the Super 6. And it gives you anything from a light splash to a Dick Dale suicide by reverb option. And right in the middele of all that is that famous lush reverb sound. That kind of melts your chords together and makes your notes meander trough your song. And it is so easy to use. Just one knob will give you full control of your reverb sound.

discover what drives the super 6 

Dutch guitarist, luthier and sound designer Albert Deinum explains and demo’s the all new Super Six. ‘It listens to you very well’ he finds…

Why we build guitars and amps

In a world full of guitars and amps why would you create more?

As a guitar player I have always had dreams about instruments and sounds that far outperformed my financial ability to buy them. So I started building them. I aim to make quality guitars, amplifiers and pedals for real musicians at affordable price levels. To me it is always about feel and function first. How can a guitarist use it while performing. And how does it feel. How could this instrument or amp inspire another person in making great music.

Albert Deinum