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How to enjoy your guitar longer and get the most out of it

Martin dreadnought acoustic guitars come in many versions. If we just focus on their USA build guitars, Martin presently offers over 30 different versions of their dreadnought guitar. Why so many? A dreadnought is a dreadnought, right? Well, as it turns out that is not the case. there are serious differences between how these the Martin dreadnoughts sound.

The Kauffmann Cozy, one year later

Last year we introduced the Kauffmann Cozy. It was our first all original model. We are happy to say that the Cozy is doing well. We are nearing Cozy build number 150 and we will make that a special one. But of course, it was not all smooth sailing in this project. So today we share our experiences with the Cozy. How we introduced it, what went wrong and who helped us out to get the Cozy on track.

Vintage acoustics, is there anything like it? -EN-

For those of us who are looking for a real vintage acoustic Martin Co. and Gibson will very probably be on our list. And for good reason. They build quality guitars, they have a huge legacy and a rich history. And we kind of assume that they will maintain their value. Ofcourse they are quite […]

Vintage akoestische gitaren, komt er iets in de buurt?

  Als je op zoek bent naar een echte vintage akoestische gitaar dan staan Martin Co. en Gibson waarschijnlijk prominent op je lijstje. En terecht. Want beide bouwen goede gitaren, hebben een legendarisch assortiment en een rijke historie. En daarom we gaan er van uit dat deze gitaren hun waarde behouden. Daarvoor moet je natuurlijk […]