The Kauffmann Mark One is the first genuine Kauffmann amp. The amp was build with a specific sound and goal in mind: a thick sounding amp with the best natural compression that would make any guitar model sound better. An amp that actually listens to your playing and helps you bring out the rich harmonics that are hidden in your sound.

Kauffmann Mark One Amp

The foundation for the MK1 was an EL34 2 channel chassis that relies very much on the early JTM45 sound on channel one and the more saturated vibe on channel 2. This because we think the clean sounds with a dirty edge are sometimes forgotten in guitar sound history. The sweet high ends and light compressed low ends from the first Marshall amps are the perfect platform for every sound you have in mind, regardless which guitar you use. One channel 1 this is all available and turning up the gain on this channel brings you to the early ‘70ies rock vibe we all do need. It cleans up perfectly just by turning down the volume on your guitar, all in all a drive pedal saving channel.
Flicking the channel switch to the right you are in Plexi heaven. Even this channel will clean up like you had in mind but the what it does best is make your guitar sing like you’ve never heard before. Please do remember: although it has enough gain it is not about gain but sustain. Never loose focus on your actual tone. Channel 2 on the Kauffmann MK1 puts a big, wide smile on almost every costumer in our store that stops by to check is out.

The layout is simple and effective. Presence, bass, middle and treble that works on both channels. Every channel has it’s own master and gain. Channel switching can be done on the amp or with the included 2 button footswitch. Channel 1 has a dedicated 3 way bright cap that helps you tweak the balance in tone between the 2 channels. A switchable and variable boost (the knob is on the back) helps you stand out even more on the right moment.

On the back we provided a effect send and return and a variable line-out for for example wet-dry-wet setups or recording situations. Hand build in the Netherlands and exclusively available at Kauffmann’s Guitar Store: The Kauffmann MK1. Make sure to check it out when you are ready.

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Discover what
drives the Mark One

Dutch guitarist, luthier and sound designer Albert Deinum explains and demo’s the upgraded Mark One amp. “I go on stage with just his amp and maybe some reverb”.

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Meet The Mark One


Beneath the elegant design lay five main features that define this amp.

Two channel layout

Easily the most defining feature of this amp is the two channel layout that will take you from cleanish compressed sounds to plexi heaven. Even with out drive pedals this amp will give you all the saturation you may need. And because the amp is very responsive you can control all the gain with the volume knob of your guitar or your fingers. Both channels have their own gain and volume controls.

Bricht switch

The bright switch allows you to changes the brightness of channel one. And by doing so create an EQ difference between channel one and channel two, even though the share the EQ section.

Controllable boost

The idea behind this amp is to have all the sounds you need without using any drive pedals, the boost function will help you to shape your lead tone and help you cut right thru the mix. The boost will increase the volume and change your EQ so that your lead will have plenty of tone and sustain but not neccessarily more gain.


The foot switches allows you to change channels and access your boosted lead sound.

Effects loop

The effects loop is a very welcome feature on this amp. As this amp takes you from cleanish to fully driven sounds, time based effects should be added to the signal chain aftter the pre-amp.

Kauffmann Mark One Two channel amplifier
Power control On/off switch and stand by switch on front panel with control light
Channel one From cleanish to 70’s classic rock
Channel two From a little less cleanish to hi gain driven
Output 50W output section
Tubes Two EL34’s in push-pull with fixed bias supply
Pre-amp tubes 3 x 12ax7 tubes
Controls volume 1, volume 2, master 1, master 2, treble, middle, bass, presence, boost and line out level controls
Bright switch Switch for bright on channel 1 (3 settings)
Speaker impedance and output Impedance switch for either 4, 8 or 16 ohms on rear panel, Two ¼” speaker outputs
Inputs Inputs are for guitar, footswitch, send, return, two speaker outputs and one 230V input
Effects loop ¼” Send and return on the rear of the amp
Line out ¼’ line out put with output control
General construction and engineering Amplifier is built using handwired construction techniques using the following components: carbon film 1W resistors, Mallory 150 series 630V film capacitors, Hammond Canada power transformer and choke, custom wound German output transformer, JJ tubes for the preamp and Tung Sol EL34 tubes for the power amp, military silver plated Teflon insulated wire, Alpha potentiometers, Apem power- and standby switches, aluminum chassis.

Why we build guitars and amps

In a world full of guitars and amps why would you create more?

As a guitar player I have always had dreams about instruments and sounds that far outperformed my financial ability to buy them. So I started building them. I aim to make quality guitars, amplifiers and pedals for real musicians at affordable price levels. To me it is always about feel and function first. How can a guitarist use it while performing. And how does it feel. How could this instrument or amp inspire another person in making great music.

Albert Deinum