Kauffmann Cozy CB features

The Cozy CB is the simplest Cozy available. And maybe the most elegant and toughest version of them all. We combine short T -style bridge with strings thru body and a classic three saddle layout with humbucker pickups. As the Cozy is designed as a ‘platform’ guitar there are more pickups combinations available. Most of the time we will install Lollartrons, TV Jones or Lindy Frailin Twang Masters. Standard the guitars comes with two pickups. But the ultimate strip down on this guitar is of course the one pickup version. We are great fans of the one pickup guitar. Less is more! A small pickguard and nickel T style control plate complete the hot-rodded appearance.

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Meet The Cozy CB


Colors and aging levels

The Cozy is available in almost any color you can imagine. We offer three aging levels from just a light crackle in the finish to seriously heavy relic.

Roasted maple neck

For better stability and a smoother feel we use quarter sawn roasted maple necks.

Deep body contours

The Cozy feels like coming home because of the deep body contours that feel snug against your body and allow easy acces high up the neck.

Pickup choices

Standard we will equip the Cozy CB with TV Jones Filtertrons. But options are plentifull. Think Lollartrons or Lindy Frailin Twang Masters.

Gotoh Intune T-style bridge

On the Cozy CB we install a short Gotoh Intune T style bridge, a 1/4 size pickguard and T style control plate.


We use CTS pots, vintage wire and a treble bleed on all our guitars.

Cozy Specs
Body Paulownia
Finish Nitro cellulose lacquer
Neck Quarte sawn roasted maple
Neck profile Rounded C
Neck thickness 21,6mm (0,86″) at 1st fret and 23,8mm (0,93″) at 12th fret
Fingerboard Rosewood
Fingerboard radius 10ʺ with 6150 fretwire
Headstock Kauffmann decal
Nut Tusq (width 43 mm)
Tuners Vintage Gotoh SD91
Bridge Cozy CB Gotoh Short T bridge
Pickups Cozy CB TV Jones Filtertrons
Pickup selector 3 way switch
Controls Volume Tone
Aging Light or medium
Strings 0.10 – 0.46
Travels in Deluxe gigbag
Options Specs Price
Base price Check with our dealers
Finish Sparkle Finish
Finish Paisley Finish
Aging Heavy relic
Headstock Matching
Pickups Lollartrons
Pickups Lindy Frailin Twangmasters