Cream T Pickups Bernie Bucker set


Cream T has a real wiz kid in his house with Thomas Nilsen. He has developed the so-called Super Scanner technology with which he can read the old, beloved pickups from, for example, a ’59 Les Paul in detail, and then reproduce it 1-on-1. So did Bernie Marsden’s ’59 Les Paul, affectionately known as “The Beast”. So if you’re looking for pickups that approach his sound – or rather reproduce it – then look no further!

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Cream T Pickups Bernie Bucker set
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Cream T Pickups Bernie Bucker set


  • Humbucker Pickups
  • Boxed in bespoke Bernie Marsden numbered packaging
  • Comes with a numbered certificate of authentication
  • 100% exact electronic reproductions of the pickups in Bernie Marsden's 1959 Les Paul known as "Beast"
  • Neck Output approx: 8.3k*
  • Bridge Output approx: 8.5k*

*measured with HD calibrated high end multi-meter in controlled conditions.

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