Electro-Harmonix 15Watt Howitzer


The 15Watt Howitzer guitar amp/preamp is an ultra-compact workhorse that’s perfect as part of a portable guitar rig, or as an emergency backup and gig saver should your main amp break down. It’s super flexible, like a musical chameleon, and depending on the gear you use and your style, will fit in the broadest range of genres.

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Electro-Harmonix 15Watt Howitzer
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Electro-Harmonix 15Watt Howitzer


  • Electro Harmonix Klasse D poweramp / preamp effectpedaal
  • type: 15Watt Howitzer
  • regelaars: vol, treble, mid, bass, gain
  • schakelaars: bright / norm
  • ingang: 6.3 mm mono-jack input, 6.3 mm mono-jack return
  • uitgang: 6.3 mm mono-jack output (8-16 Ohm), 6.3 mm mono-jack send
  • voeding: 24V DC-adapter (1000 mA), center negative (meegeleverd)
  • vermogen: 15 Watt
  • afmetingen: 121 x 102 x 57 mm

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