Suhr Gold Eclipse Limited Edition 2020


The Suhr Eclipse is a versatile, no compromise, dualchannel overdrive/distortion that delivers a wealth of warm, organic amp-like tones in an easy to use, compact form factor. Eclipse’s incredible versatility stems from its powerful and intuitive two channel circuit design. Each channel is completely independent, and features its own Gain, Level and 3-Band passive EQ, similar to a channel switching amplifier. Both channels can be voiced independently to accommodate all of your playing needs.

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Suhr Gold Eclipse Limited Edition 2020
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Suhr Gold Eclipse Limited Edition 2020


  • Dubbele overdrive/vervorming
  • Effecttype: Vervorming
  • Type: Analoog
  • Mono/Stereo: Mono In, Mono Uit
  • Besturingselementen: Gain 1, Level 1, Bass 1, Mid 1, Treble 1, Voice, Gain 2, Level 2, Bass 2, Mid 2, Treble 2
  • Modi: 2 modi
  • Schakelaar: kanaal activeren
  • Bypass-modus: True bypass
  • Voeding: 9 VDC, midden negatief
  • Stroomverbruik: 15,5 mA
  • Batterijwerking: batterijwerking mogelijk
  • Batterijtype: 9 V-blok

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