Stanford Durango G40 CM ECW Used


This used Stanford Durango was reissued in an improved version with features usually only found in higher-priced instruments. The guitar still has the arched back responsible for its impressive volume and dynamic range. The Durango’s lightweight construction provides high responsiveness and a large harmonic spectrum. Thanks to its balanced sound spectrum, the G 40 CM ECW is ideally suited for fingerstyle, picking and open tunings. The Venetian cutaway ensures easy playability in any position. The guitar is equipped with a high-end Nautilus Posydon pickup.

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Stanford Durango G40 CM ECW Used
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Stanford Durango G40 CM ECW Used


Body: Grand auditorium / satin finish
Top: Solid Canadian cedar
Ribs/​Bottom: arched sapelli veneer
Neck: Mahogany satin finish
Fretboard: polished rosewood
Scale Width: 45 mm
Extras: spalted maple rosette, pickup

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Grand Auditorium


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