Kauffmann ’63 Thinline A-A Signature


Working Man’s tool with a touch of class

This Kauffmann is born out of a collaboration with our customer Alex. He came up with all these great ideas for spicing up a Tele. The result is an elegant guitar that has lost nothing of the working man’s vibe that is so very much a part of the Tele. Starting with a ’63 Thinline alder body we have added a roasted maple neck.  But true to our style, we took off almost all of the finish of the back of the neck. And that adds to the feel of the guitar and to it’s rugged looks. For players comfort the neck runs from a soft V to a full C shape. And it has 9,5′ radius and 6106 fret wire. This makes chord playing at the lower positions and soloing up the neck all feel very natural.

We choose a black dulled finish that in time and with some wear, will become a little shinny in places most touched. Alternative colour is Olive drab The double binding enhances the elegant looks of the guitar. The soul of this machine is very much determined by Alex’s choice of pickups. In the neck you will find a Lollar Charly Christian. And in the bridge we put a TV Jones Power Tron. Between these pickups sounds from warm creamy jazzy to a transparant growl are at your disposal. And the dynamics are awesome. Everything is right there underneath your fingertips.

Build-time is around 6 weeks. Contact us if you want to have this beauty build for you,


+ Guitar fully checked and set-up in our workshop

+ Shipping cost calculated at check-out

+ Your guitar ships within 2 working days

+ Fair Trade return within 14 days

+ Video Call demonstration available.

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Kauffmann ’63 Thinline A-A Signature
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Kauffmann ’63 Thinline A-A Signature



Kauffmann Guitars are build in the Netherlands. Kauffmann builds custom shop quality guitars at an affordable price level. All guitars have that vintage well worn in vibe. It is all about feel, looks and the sound.


Kauffmann aims for a weight between 3100 and 3500 grams. Most players experience that as a light guitar. The fingerboard has hand rolled edges and the neck has light or no lacquer on the back. And that is why they feel comfortable right at the first touch.


Guitars are finished in nitro cellulose lacquer in a variety of colors. Some are vintage correct guitar colors. Others are more experimental, without losing that vintage appeal. The aging level varies from very light to heavy.  But it is never extreme. In this way each and every guitar is unique in it's own right.


Sound wise we aim for a bluesy warm tone. Using our own slightly overwound transparent Kauffmann pickups.



GUITAR '63 Thinline
Body Alder
Finish Black or Olive drab dulled
Neck Soft V to C with 9,5' radius
Nut Bone
Fingerboard Rosewood
Frets 21 with 6105 fretwire
Tuners Gotoh vintage tuners
Pickups Lollar Charly Christian (neck), TV Jones Power Tron (bridge)
Electronics CTS pots, vintage wiring, treble bleed
Hardware Gotoh Nickel Aged
Gigbag Deluxe case

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