Kauffmann ’62 JM


Baas Kauffmann revisited the JM model. And he build one according to his own insights. He replaced the complicated switching design for a more straightforward three way switching. For better sound and sustain he placed the neck in a 1 degree angle and used a Tuno-matic bridge. Because of this the guitar has a more solid feel, stays in tune better and has more sustain. The result is a more rocking JM than you have ever held in your hands.

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Kauffmann Guitars are build in the Netherlands. Kauffmann builds custom shop quality guitars at an affordable price level. All guitars have that vintage well worn in vibe. It is all about feel, looks and the sound.


Kauffmann aims for a weight between 3100 and 3500 grams. Most players experience that as a light guitar. The fingerboard has hand rolled edges and the neck has light or no lacquer on the back. And that is why they feel comfortable right at the first touch.


Guitars are finished in nitro cellulose lacquer in a variety of colors. Some are vintage correct guitar colors. Others are more experimental, without losing that vintage appeal. The aging level varies from very light to heavy.  But it is never extreme. In this way each and every guitar is unique in it's own right.


Sound wise we aim for a bluesy warm tone. Using our own slightly overwound transparent Kauffmann pickups.




62 JM

Body Alder
Finish Nitro-aged
Neck Compound Radius 9,5" - 12"
Nut Bone
Fingerboard Rosewood
Frets 22 (6130 fretwire)
Tuners Gotoh vintage tuners
Pickups Seymour Duncan P-90's
Electronics CTS pots, vintage wiring, treble bleed,
Hardware Gotoh Nickel Aged, Tuno-matic Bridge
Case Case

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