Elfring Little Gem Limited Edition


This is a beautiful limited edition of Elfring’s Little Gem. The green upholstery with red grill cloth give it a cool, unique look. It has a Jupiter 8SC speaker inside instead of the standard Eight 15 Celestion. This Little Gem has become even more precious!

The Little Gem is a small amp with a big sound. Most small amps sound boxy and have a limited tonal range. However, this Elfring Amp has a nice and tight low which results in a good clean sound, but with enough mids so that it does not sound thin.

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Elfring Little Gem Limited Edition
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Elfring Little Gem Limited Edition


Type: Tube Amplifier Combo
Output: 5 Watt
Poweramp tubes: 1x 6V6
Speaker size: 8"
Speaker: Jupiter 8SC
Channels: 1
Inputs: 2
Controls: Volume, Tone, Reverb
Weight: 10,9 kg
Cover/case: Yes, Included

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