Crazy Tube Circuits Space Charged V2


Preserving that warm tube tone of V1 we’ve added gain and volume boost function to spice up your solos. The core real-tube overdrive circuit, courtesy of a 12AY7, is exactly the same but as we listened to our customers feedback we updated the tone control with wider range for brighter sounds available and also included a tight / fat switch to shape lower frequencies.

Powered from an external 9V DC power supply (included) with an internal voltage multiplier to make the tube feel comfortable!

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Crazy Tube Circuits Space Charged V2
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Crazy Tube Circuits Space Charged V2


  • Modelnaam: Crazy Tube Circuits Ruimte geladen V2
  • PC: 33-90030
  • Bedieningselementen: Volume, Toon, Strakke/Vet, Volume Boost, Gain Boost
  • Inputs/Outputs: Input, Output, Expression
  • Voetschakelaar: True Bypass, EQ
  • Vermogen: 9-12V DC

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