Catalinbread Zero Point Tape Flanger


Catalinbread set out to make a new kind of flanger with the Zero Point Tape Flanger, purposefully avoiding LFO-centric delay lines found in your typical flange pedal. Unpredictable, authentic and natural-sounding flange sounds are produced when the stomp switch is hit, pushing two delay lines of your signal out of sync, giving you total control over the start and stop of your comb-filtered sweeps. This simulates the old-school tape machines that manually pushed signals out of sync.

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Catalinbread Zero Point Tape Flanger
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Catalinbread Zero Point Tape Flanger


  • Effect: Flanger
  • Ontwerp: Analoog
  • Mono/Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out
  • Regelaars: –
  • Modes: 2 Modes
  • Schakelaars: –
  • Bypass Mode: True Bypass
  • Voeding: 9 Volt of 18 Volt DC, center negative
  • Stroomverbruik: 66 mA of 68 mA
  • Werkt (ook) op batterijen: Ja
  • Type Batterij: 9 V Batterij
  • Formaat Behuizing: Standard
  • Afmetingen (BxHxD / cm): 6,3 x 3,3 x 11,4
  • Gemaakt in: USA

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