Boss RV-500 Reverb


Travel to a new dimension in space and time with the RV-500: the most powerful and versatile reverb processor BOSS has ever produced. Featuring 32-bit AD/DA-32 and 32-bit/96 kHz floating point processing, along with massive programmability, this versatile creative machine puts professional studio reverb and more at your feet.

Twelve modes and 21 newly developed reverb algorithms deliver a huge range of textures: from complementary spaciousness to deep, impressive sound atmospheres. And thanks to the RV-500's powerful DSP, every reverb patch gives you access to a full-fledged digital delay; and you can even run two reverb patches at the same time! With the addition of MIDI I/O, support for an external footswitch/expression control, and USB for connection to the free RV-500 Editor/Librarian software, the RV-500 is simply the most advanced reverb pedal available today.

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Boss RV-500 Reverb
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Boss RV-500 Reverb


  • Boss RV-500 Reverb
  • sampling frequency: 96 kHz
  • AD/DA conversion: 32 bits
  • modes: room, hall, plate, spring, shimmer, fast decay, early reflection, non-linear, sfx, dual, srv, space echo
  • memory: 198 banks
  • buffered bypass or true bypass with relay
  • display: LCD, 128x64
  • connections: 
    • A/B: 4x 6.35mm mono jack
    • EXP: 1x 6.35mm stereo jack
    • USB: 1x type B
    • MIDI (IN/OUT)
  • power supply: AA, LR6 battery (4x) or AC adapter (not included)
  • dimensions: 170 x 138 x 62 mm
  • weight: 1.0 kg

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