Boss RC-10R Rythm Loop Station


For guitarists (and possibly other musicians) who would like to learn how to loop and play songs every now and then, Boss presents the RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station with its clear display and intuitive operation. This effects pedal not only allows you to switch between 2 parallel song sections, but also gives you an additional 280 different drum rhythms in a variety of styles to let you solidly accompany a drum part. The transition of the next part of the song can also be indicated by a suitable drum fill. It is also possible to complete your composition with a short intro and/or outro. Incidentally, the loop and rhythm each have their own volume knob to accurately adjust the relationship between the two.

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Boss RC-10R Rythm Loop Station
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Boss RC-10R Rythm Loop Station


  • Boss looper effectpedaal
  • model: RC-10R Rhythm Loop Station
  • geschikt voor snaarinstrument, toetsen / line-in
  • 2 sporen in serie voor het bouwen van 2 verschillende songsecties
  • maximale opnametijd: +/- 6 uur (stereo)
  • data format: WAV, 44.1 kHz, 32-bit floating point, stereo
  • opslaan tot 99 frases en 50 ritmes
  • 280 rhythm style presets
  • 16 veelzijdige drumkitsounds
  • maximale ritmische polyfonie: 24 stemmen
  • rhythm control:
    • intro
    • pattern 1
    • pattern 1 fill
    • pattern 2
    • pattern 2 fill
    • ending
  • duidelijke display met status-indicatie
  • regelaars: loop level, rhythm level, value
  • schakelaars: loop, rhythm, write menu, write exit
  • ingang: 2x 6.35 mm mono jack input, 6.35 mm jack CTL 1,2 / EXP, MIDI IN (mini TRS), USB micro B
  • uitgang: 2x 6.35 mm mono jack output, MIDI OUT (mini TRS)
  • voeding: 9V DC (meegeleverd)
  • afmetingen: 138 mm x 101 mm x 63 mm
  • gewicht: 620 g
  • meegeleverd: adapter, 4 rubber voeten, handleiding

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