Find the best second hand guitar gear for you

Whether your goal is finding vintage, hard to come by gear, or simply saving money, buying used guitar gear is exciting. Checking out our second hand guitar gear section is definitely worth your time, as we often come across vintage gems and insanely good deals, which are then posted here for you to browse.

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About second hand guitar gear

Buying used guitar gear is great. From a financial standpoint, opting for a used guitar instead of a new one often enables you to find a used, high-end instrument for approximately the same cost as a new guitar of lesser quality. Some people might be put off buying second hand guitar gear because they are afraid it will break faster, as it is not brand new. But rest assured, at Kauffmann’s Guitar Store we make sure to inspect any second hand guitar gear before we put it up for sale, and price it according to its condition. This way you can be confident about getting the best bang for your buck.

Buying second hand guitar gear

You have decided to buy second hand guitar gear - great! Before you pull the trigger, we came up with a few things for you to consider.

Do your research

Much like with any guitar gear, it is smart to learn about the thing you’re about to invest your hard earned money into. When it comes to used guitar gear, this research process has a few additional angles you should consider. If you can, find out the experience of other people who own the gear you are looking to buy. How is the build? Does it age well? Is it easy to maintain? Asking these questions will give you insight into the life expectancy of the gear you are about to buy, and how much life it has left in it. For example, if multiple reviews state that a certain component of a guitar needs replacement after two years of play, then you should factor this into your purchase decision. Has this component of the used model you got your eyes on been replaced recently? Or will you have to spend more money on fixing this issue two months after buying the used guitar?

Get a check-up done before you buy

If you are not super well versed in guitar building and manufacturing, then there might be a few things you would not consider checking before buying used guitar gear. Thankfully the Kauffmann’s Guitar Store team has over 20+ years of experience when it comes to playing, fixing, and building guitars. Any used guitar gear we put up for sale has been inspected, restored if needed, and priced accordingly.

Play before you buy

Much like with any guitar, we are firm believers in playing and testing out any used guitar gear before you buy it. Since the love for an instrument is super subjective, trusting the word of others will only get you so far. The best thing to do is to see and play the used guitar gear in person. We do realise that you are currently shopping for second hand guitar gear ONLINE, but if you would like to stop by our physical store, you are more than welcome. You can make an appointment HERE. If you do not live in the Netherlands, then you can book a virtual demo with us HERE.